Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 2

Friday morning arrived too early (some of you who have been to KKO can chuckle here and close your eyes for a minute and savor this next moment)- around 3:30 with the roosters, a little later with the dogs and then with stubborn determination at 5:30 when the church bells began tolling. Anyway my consolation for more sleep deprivation was this amazing sunrise...

Day Two in Haiti was busy!!! For the first time I was going to school with Wisler. I chose my orange shirt so I would match my boy (I know call my dorky). We chomped through breakfast and were ready to go. I followed Wisler (and his friend Sebastien and his parents Tim and Cindy) through the maze of alleyways that he uses to walk to school everyday. I felt like a mouse. We speed walked/ jogged through alleys no wider than two people--foot traffic squeezing past each other--open doorways on either side peered into dark homes. Vendors squished into doorways selling snacks, meat and breads. Some of it smelled was quite an onslaught to the senses--this light jog through to school. 

the only picture I snapped while racing through the alleys--
I was worried that if I stopped for too
long I would lose my guide!

School had a party atmosphere. It had been National Children's Week in Haiti-- a week long celebration of children and President Martinelli's signing of the Hague Agreement. (Note: Nobody at this point really knows what this means for adoptions in Haiti.) School Friday began in the church with an assembly. I honestly could not tell you what it was about (it takes me a few days of listening before I can understand again)--only that there was lots of singing, dancing in their seats and screaming. After a bit the kids were dismissed to their classrooms.

Wisler listening at the assembly.

Wisler's classroom is on the second floor. The hallway to his classroom runs through three classrooms before his--his is the dead end. The windows face the courtyard below. His teacher is a tiny lady--who I initially thought was a student...yikes. The kids started out class with recitations. As their voices chanted I took a moment to look at the board--  it was covered with grammar lessons and math equations. (As a homeschooling mama I am constantly trying to figure out what Wisler is learning and what being in second grade in Haiti means. Children in Haiti go to school starting as young as three and attend through till they are 21.) After about thirty minutes or so I headed back to the orphanage to wait for the next adventure...our trip to the ApParent Project. 

Wisler was much the center of attention from his friends because his mum was there--too funny --he seemed embarrassed. (part of why I left after about 30 minutes)

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