Sunday, May 13, 2012

All I Want for Mother's Day

I was out grocery shopping last Saturday and noticed all the Mother's Day "stuff" for sale everywhere--cards, flowers, boxes of chocolates, journals, books on motherhood--the list goes on. As I perused thinking of my own mom I wondered what do I want for Mother's Day? Inevitably my husband always asks--and usually all I want is a few more minutes in bed and maybe a day off from breakfast duty. But this year was different. This year my heart sighed. This long adoption journey has taken us down roads we never dreamed of. God has lead the way teaching us lessons in patience I never thought existed. Teaching us that He is Bigger than All This .
 And so I started to sing a song (in my head of course the folks at Wal-Mart would have given me strange looks had it been aloud)--"all I want for Mother's Day is for Wilser to get a number, Wilser to get a number. All I want for Mother's Day is for Wisler to get a number. Gee if I could only have a IBESR could wish me a Happy Mother's Day" (all this to the tune of All I want for Christmas). I sang that song all day last Saturday.

Sunday the phone rang. God is bigger. It was the stateside adoption coordinator. She was calling to let us know we had a case number.   All I could say was "you got to be kidding." I was in shock --although now that I look back I don't know why. Did I think God wasn't listening? That he couldn't do it? I dunno. But He did. Now the amazing miracle of waiting 21 months for a case number isn't really the truly amazing part. The crazy amazing part is this. The new director of IBESR (Haitian DHS) made the decision to close IBESR until July 29th. This is an effort to clear out the back log of cases.

 This meant that only cases with numbers would be worked on until then. IBESR closed May 7th. We got our number on May 6th. (Imagine that kid racing the ball to home plate.) Now what does getting a case number mean? Well it means our dossier is proceeding through IBESR and acquiring the signatures it needs for approval. After that it will make it's way to the president's desk so he can give us a dispensation. (We need this because Haitian law does not allow families with bio children to adopt unless they get a presidential dispensation.)  We will then go to court where Wisler will be legally adopted. Then we will need to wait for visas, passport and final medical exams. There is still no timeline--no dates in our future. We will wait-- knowing and believing God is bigger than all this.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Bracelets

Here are some new bracelets for sale...please check them out and let me know what you like. For an additional two dollars I will ship them to you. The bracelets are $8-- four goes the the artisan and four goes towards our adoption account.

batch 1

batch 2

batch 3

batch 4

batch 5