Sunday, April 28, 2013

How a Dresser and a Bed can Make you Cry and Hope

Saturday, thanks to some wonderful friends, we got to skype with Wisler for the first time since December. It was wonderful. Connection was great--for audio AND video (this is a miracle). We chatted. Then he wanted to see his room. So he actually got a tour of the whole house and most of the yard. We were not able to really see his facial expressions but our friends said " his jaw hit the floor" (so he is a little excited for this wait to be over too).

The weather changed this week. It is finally spring--warm days of the boys playing outside from right after breakfast to right before dinner with lots of snack stops in between (including lunch). For them it means playing with the hose in the sandbox, running barefoot through the tender grass, jumping on the trampoline, riding bikes--all things outside.  Of course one needs shorts and t-shirts to properly enjoy all this warm weather. So for me it means trading out all the winter wear for the essential warm weather wear.
I have done this every season for their entire lives...and I have done it every season for Wisler since 2010. I change the clothing in his dresser--winter for summer, summer for winter--every year I have done this and every year I pack away clothes he has never worn. Hope for this new season, sadness for the season missed both crowd my heart. Maybe this time. Maybe. It feels closer this time---as we wait for a court date. Maybe. We Pray. We hope. We wait. Somedays patiently.Most days not. Everyday aching. Knowing God is bigger than the governments involved, the lawyers, the paperwork...He is bigger. He has the perfect time for Wisler to come home...

 Brian built the trundle for Wisler's bed today. It is perfect and slides under Ean's bed perfectly. So we are ready God. Please.