Tuesday, December 27, 2011

News from GLA

A very close and dear friend follows news from other orphanages in Haiti...God's Littlest Angels being one of them....GLA recently posted this on their site :

23 December 2011
"It has been awhile since I have had news to pass on to everyone about adoptions. On Monday, fourteen members from the Association of crèches had a meeting with the new director of IBESR, Mme Arielle Jeanty Villedrouin. Unfortunately, I could not attend but Magaly and Ernst attended in my place. The members of the Association had questions about why the director has not approved any dossiers since she took her position. Mme Jeanty Villedrouin said that she was trying to learn about her position. She said that she also has someone in mind to help her go over the dossiers who has experience with adoptions but she did not have the funds to hire her full time, so it is taking a while to look through the dossiers. She promised that she would be signing dossiers very soon.
Mme Jeanty Villedrouin also had concerns about the costs of adoptions in Haiti. I am sure that idea comes from talks with organizations that are working to limit adoptions from Haiti. Ernst and Magaly said that only a couple of directors were allowed to talk because of the time limit of the meeting, but that they did try to explain to her the costs of feeding the children, caring for them, medical care for the children, educations, supplies, etc! They also explained that adoptions did not cost so much until it started taking 2 years to finish an adoption plus the time the children spent in the orphanage!
I do not think that she has any concept of what it costs to care for the children. She suggested that the directors find sponsors to help with all of the expenses of the orphanage. I know for GLA that even with sponsors the expenses are very difficult to cover! And it is even more difficult for a Haitian orphanage to find sponsors for their children. They might not have the resources and media possibilities that GLA has available to us.
There is supposed to be a general meeting of all orphanages and creches on 17 January 2012. Because there are so many registered orphanages/creches now, she said they needed to find somewhere large enough for everyone to meet. At that time, we will be able to ask questions and share our thoughts with her.
President Martelly has started signing presidential dispensations again. We hope to see more coming out of IBESR soon. We have some dossiers that have now sat in IBESR for more than 6 months which has been discouraging when things were going so well for the last year. I hope that it gets back on track to taking 8 to 12 months again as soon as the new government gets organized. It seems to be mainly our families with children who are taking the extra time right now.
I have a meeting at the US Consulate on Thursday the 29th with the Adoption Unit Staff. I asked for the meeting to discuss what I have heard about the changes in the new adoption law and also the changes in IBESR. Please pray that I will be able to express my concerns clearly and be able to motivate them to help us lobby for adoptions for those children who will most benefit for a life in a family instead of an institution!
I spent today sending proposals. Some of the agencies are closed for the holidays and so it will be next week unfortunately before the proposals are delivered. For others, they will receive the proposals tomorrow, I have been told. I will be up working on finishing up two of the proposals early tomorrow morning. What better Christmas gift could these families get? I can’t think of one better gift than a new son or daughter! Can you?"

We are so excited--this truly is the best news we have heard in a LONG time...please pray that the ball keeps rolling!!! I would love for Wisler to be home with us in 2012

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Hope

About a month ago one of our fellow adopting families completed the process when their daughter came home. She was the first one to come home from Kingdom of Kids Orphanage. It was a bittersweet moment for many of us...so happy that one is home....encouraged that yes it can happen....wishing it was us. We are nearing the two year mark--February will make two years since we started this entire journey (although by the adoption timeline the calendar didn't start until we turned in our dossier in Aug 2010).  I still ache daily. I pray. Our boys ask--when? I say I don't know. They sigh wearily. We pray. We cherish everyday. And as we celebrate our second Christmas without our beautiful boy Wisler...we pray his heart is filled with the peace of Christ, that God's arms circle his little body in a loving hug and that for the moments we can't be there that he sees God is everything he needs...and for us we have Christmas Hope...maybe next year. We love you Wisler!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Reflections on Haiti...one year later

One year ago...August 4-7 I traveled to Kingdom of Kids Orphanage. Six months pregnant with our fourth boy I handed in our completed dossier to adopt our fifth boy...Wisler. Our dossier was a compilation of almost six months of paperwork. That one moment of handing it off was pure joy. I was filled top full of happiness, hopefulness and excitement. One year later, as we approached the anniversary of that moment of joy, my aching heart compels me to reflect on this season of waiting.
I was naive. I though this part would be easy--the waiting-- after all really I told myself after the flurry of paperwork waiting seemed ....well RELAXING. It is not. A piece of my heart breaks a little everyday and on the days when I think it could not possibly break anymore ... another crack, another fissure. I know God has His perfect timing and I BELIEVE with my entire being that His timing is perfect ...this is a time of learning many lessons in faith, trust and (ugh) patience (definitely not my strength as I am learning). Still my arms ache to hold my beautiful Haitian boy, my ears long to hear his laughter. God's timing says PATIENCE dear one...but who knew being patient would hurt so much? Who knew that on summer days here in Maine when the heat index reaches 100 degrees (so few and far between I know but we did have that heat wave a few weeks ago) I would cry hot tears of longing and remembrance...

sitting on cool tiles of our room playing superhero memory my heart bursting with joy at his giggles as he bests me, snuggling on the top bunk as close to the ceiling fan as we can get, my pregnant body aching and sweating in discomfort-- watching him sleep my heart so glad he wants to snuggle, glad he wants me for his mama, reveling in the opportunity to serve him meals, wash him in the shower his giggles echoing on the tiles as I name his body parts in French, holding him in my lap during church, my body dripping with sweat, him sound asleep, me knowing it could only be God giving me the strength to do this--physically, emotionally. His hands holding us both, knitting our hearts....I am reminded of an old hymn from my childhood. It was my favorite..." and He will raise you up on eagle's wings, bear you on the breath of dawn, make you to shine like the sun and hold you in the palm of his hand..." that's where I feel like we are...in the palm of His hand...(if you would like to see all the lyrics click here is it a beautiful song.)

I run these memories over and over in my mind like a movie and they warm my heart and give me hope of days to come when our family is complete.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Garage Sale!!!

Yes we are having another garage sale--we still need to raise money for travel expenses and final paperwork-when it happens. We are still waiting, praying and being hopeful that Wisler will be with us soon.
The garage sale will be Friday July 1 @ 13 Giroux St. Auburn from 8-3. None of the items are priced--we have a donation jar out and whatever you feel lead to put in the jar is great! We have tons of furniture, baby items, kitchen stuff, toys, books...
so come check it out!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Brian's Haiti Trip April 2011

Check out the sidebar for photos of Brian's recent trip to visit Wisler. He is a man of very FEW words so I will give a brief overview. Saturday in Haiti Brian went to the beach with the entire Orphanage--he said the water was amazing- warm and so salty is burned your eyes. Wisler did not know how to swim so when Brian went out deep Wisler clung to him for dear life. On Sunday after church Brian went to Jerusalem with Pastor Riguad and Geoff ( Geoff is making a documentary). Jerusalem is the city that erupted overnight after the earthquake. The city it is home to some 400,000 Haitians. Riguad was given plots of land at this location by the government. He is currently raising money/building a medical clinic, church,school and eventually brand new orphanage. Currently he had two wells dug, only one of which has good water. Other than that the folks that live here have to buy their water, or walk several miles.
Now you ask what's with the snow man --his name is Flat Frosty and was made by Jaden. Frosty is part of a pen pal/geography project our kids are doing. Frosty went with Brian to Haiti to visit. He took good notes on what life is like in the orphanage so he could tell Gabe and Jaden all about life in Haiti.
Another note--the pictures of the wheels are pictures of Rich and Spring's truck tire that broke. The tire started to wobble and the lug nuts sheered off. Needless to say their trip home was about 5 hours longer than it needed to be but they made it home.
Anyway enjoy the slide show....I will post video in the coming weeks.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hanging Out with Papi

During Pastor Riguad's recent visit to New England we had the opportunity to spend some alone time with the man Wisler calls Papi. (Riguad runs the orphanage Wisler lives at) . It was a special event for our boys to meet Papi--It made the whole adoption more of a reality for them, as up to now all they have seen is pictures...this was a real person!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Haiti Bound

Brian is going to visit Wisler from March 31-April 4th. He is looking forward to the "alone" time with Wisler. Please pray for safe travels and good bonding visit....

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This is a video made by one of the dads who is adopting from KKO as well. I struck me hard of course because as you saw in my earlier post this is the song that runs through my mind....