Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Hope

About a month ago one of our fellow adopting families completed the process when their daughter came home. She was the first one to come home from Kingdom of Kids Orphanage. It was a bittersweet moment for many of happy that one is home....encouraged that yes it can happen....wishing it was us. We are nearing the two year mark--February will make two years since we started this entire journey (although by the adoption timeline the calendar didn't start until we turned in our dossier in Aug 2010).  I still ache daily. I pray. Our boys ask--when? I say I don't know. They sigh wearily. We pray. We cherish everyday. And as we celebrate our second Christmas without our beautiful boy Wisler...we pray his heart is filled with the peace of Christ, that God's arms circle his little body in a loving hug and that for the moments we can't be there that he sees God is everything he needs...and for us we have Christmas Hope...maybe next year. We love you Wisler!!

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