Friday, April 20, 2012

God is Bigger

Last night I presented the Apparent Project bracelets at my first official-not in my house party. (by the way I sold all 150 bracelets from my first box and am working my way through the second box of 200) It was an awesome party. I presented information about the Apparent Project and told our adoption story. It felt really good to talk about Wisler--therapeutic in a way. Of course every time I share our story it leaves me  contemplative--musing--dreaming about someday--what will it be like? Anyway this night was no different. As I drove home alternately thinking about Wisler and listening to the radio a story on the radio suddenly pulled me from my dreaming. A man was describing his experience of speaking to a group of 3000 fire fighters at a funeral for one of their own--a fallen comrade. He started off his speech with the words,
"God is bigger than all of this..." 
Wow. These words hit me HARD.
GOD IS BIGGER THAN ALL THIS (imagine my hand sweeping over the last two years of waiting for our adoption to have some movement--for some word --for just a glimmer of hope-- even just a word of yes we have your dossier and it is being looked at.)
He is bigger than this process that seems to have no finish line. God is bigger. Through his power, our adoption could be complete tomorrow--it would be an incredible God miracle.
But God is bigger. And my point is this: in that one moment when that man spoke those words on the radio I saw our adoption walk not as a singular event--not as the finale --but as maybe the first Act in an incredible production starring God and a beautiful cast of extras--adoptive families, children at KKO and so many others.
God works all to his good-- SO this waiting--it is GOOD. NOT EASY. JUST GOOD.

I prayed long and hard after our first visit to Haiti in June of 2010. I was so broken for the folks of Haiti. I had never seen such suffering, such heartache and yet so much joy and hope. I hurt for them. I prayed for God to show me a way to help--a way to help without hurting or adding to the problem. He answered that prayer. Of course not in the way I ever expected. An almost two year and holding adoption process was not what I had in mind. But now through the course of events and people I have grown to know and love I am selling bracelets to fund the last chunk for our adoption and to help several artisans keep their families together. And because of my decision to serve Him while I wait others are stepping in--selling bracelets for our adoption and for the artisans in Haiti, and just recently my niece stepping up with Boxes for Bracelets.

God works all for His Good. This is good. So now I can look at this wait and see--no it is not easy. I do not understand it. But I can embrace it --I can serve while I wait --for the curtain to part and reveal the next Act in our adoption story.

If you would like to help--please contact me louisej12 at