Monday, October 29, 2012

Lost in the Shuffle

I was recently re-reading my writing drafts of my last Haiti trip. As I read through and reminisced, I discovered a piece of my trip that I forgot to share. It was and still is probably one of the most important moments of my trip. To see the earlier posts for my trip click on the months of June and July in the right sidebar. 
Sunday night was awesome. Google had allowed us to have incredible conversation. I then broke the news- I was leaving the next day. His face closed. Eyes downcast. Light gone. We snuggled up close Sunday night. I prayed for strength and wisdom. Monday morning seemed to arrive too soon. Eyes downcast, face closed he asked ou parti en avion? ( you are leaving on an airplane?) Yes -oui bebe. yes baby. He looked away. Ignoring me. I know he's trying to shore up his hurting heart.
I pull him to my lap. We begin with Thursday's photos. At first he sits limp, un-moving. Slowly his hand moves to take control of the slide show.  Teaching Thankfulness. Counting Joy in the hundreds of photos I took. Soon we were both laughing and re-living every sweet moment of the last few days. Thanking God for the wonder of it all.
Refreshed from thankfulness we walk to school. I kiss him good-bye. Prie  bebe. Pray baby. Be thankful. I will be back for you. We are your forever family.
Ou renmen ou anpil. We love you very much.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Time to Christmas Shop?

Have I got a deal for you! I recently received a Jewelry box AND a Christmas box from the Apparent Project.  Every item sold supports a family in Haiti and select items contribute to our adoption fund...
I have included pictures but really these are only the top of the iceburg so to speak....please email me privately to host a party or come shopping!!
Christmas stockings and mini purses

star and ball ornaments

bead crosses, metal crosses and angels--ornaments

people ornaments


mud pie bracelets--made from the mud they eat--a much better use as a bracelet


signature collection bracelets...

Support a great cause!! Buy Apparent Project for Christmas!