Sunday, January 27, 2013

More Miraculous News

It seems crazy that only 5 weeks ago I posted that we had received presidential dispensation. Friday morning our adoption coordinator called us to let us know that our dossier has officially cleared IBESR (Haitian Social Services) and is now ready for court. We were told that there is a good chance we may not have to appear for our court appointment. (miracle) And we are to send our final payment and paper work so that as soon as court is done Pastor Riguad can file for VISA, passport and get Wisler his medical exam. We are so excited. We also found out that Wisly, Wisler's little brother who is being adopted by friends of ours, also received the same news. This is an incredible miracle. We were told that there was no chance the brothers could come home together or that their dossiers would even process together. BUT THEY HAVE come this far together--we pray that they continue. Please pray with us that these little boys can come to Auburn, Maine together-and-that all financial blocks would be knocked clear out. Thanks for all your love and support!!!!