Friday, April 8, 2011

Brian's Haiti Trip April 2011

Check out the sidebar for photos of Brian's recent trip to visit Wisler. He is a man of very FEW words so I will give a brief overview. Saturday in Haiti Brian went to the beach with the entire Orphanage--he said the water was amazing- warm and so salty is burned your eyes. Wisler did not know how to swim so when Brian went out deep Wisler clung to him for dear life. On Sunday after church Brian went to Jerusalem with Pastor Riguad and Geoff ( Geoff is making a documentary). Jerusalem is the city that erupted overnight after the earthquake. The city it is home to some 400,000 Haitians. Riguad was given plots of land at this location by the government. He is currently raising money/building a medical clinic, church,school and eventually brand new orphanage. Currently he had two wells dug, only one of which has good water. Other than that the folks that live here have to buy their water, or walk several miles.
Now you ask what's with the snow man --his name is Flat Frosty and was made by Jaden. Frosty is part of a pen pal/geography project our kids are doing. Frosty went with Brian to Haiti to visit. He took good notes on what life is like in the orphanage so he could tell Gabe and Jaden all about life in Haiti.
Another note--the pictures of the wheels are pictures of Rich and Spring's truck tire that broke. The tire started to wobble and the lug nuts sheered off. Needless to say their trip home was about 5 hours longer than it needed to be but they made it home.
Anyway enjoy the slide show....I will post video in the coming weeks.