Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Miracle of Google Translator

Sunday night --my last night in Haiti was awesome. Up to this point Wisler and I had never had much of a conversation--it has always been more of just trying to slosh through communicating basic stuff with my broken Creole and French and his Creole and French and English. My mama's heart so wanted a real conversation. You know the ones you have with your kids --where you talk about "important stuff"-- likes, dislikes, dreams and hopes...even the mundane of discussing everyday life. I wanted that deeper communication. I prayed. And a miracle happened. An idea popped into my head---I use google translator at home all the time at home to write him notes to send with other parents--why not use it to talk to him? (insert a duh here)
We made ourselves comfy on the floor ( I really love the floor at KKO it is always nice and cool) laptop in hand I typed questions into google translate and read the translation aloud (I can read Creole just fine thanks to my French background) he would reply in Creole (which by Sunday I could understand) and then he would ask me questions in Creole and I replied using translator.

 Now what did we talk about? He wants to be an astronaut. He loves rockets and space ships. He likes almost all the vegetables and fruist I could think of. He is nervous about swimming. He wants to ride a bike and play soccer.  He wanted to know how he would be getting home--when he does. He wanted to know what adoption is and where his special adoption papers are and how much longer it would be.We talked about toilets that flush and showers that spray water,  a backyard with a pool and trampoline. We talked about school in Haiti and what school will be like at home (homeschool). We talked about hard things--like why I say no to certain things and limit how much candy he can have (when I am there) -- we talked about how at home there are rules and chores and a family working, living and loving together. We talked and it was amazing. Thank you God. I left Monday morning after walking him to school with the image of his earnest little face--concentrating on our conversation--knowing that our bond is only getting stronger...

our last morning together