Cookin at KKO

So this is a long awaited page. For those of you who do not know back in August I spent some time with Marta in the kitchen--learning how to cook Creole fashion. It was a wonderful time. I love that woman!!! Anyway here is what I learned....
Fried Plantains!

1. Peel and slice --like chips--notice she slices them thick.

2. Fry them in vegetable oil.

3. When they are golden take them out and put them in a bowl of salty water.

(sorry I have no measurements or time details for the recipe)
4. After  a bit take them out and flatten them. Martha used these two boards and pressed them till they were flat like chips.
5. Throw them back in the pan till they are crisp. 

Again I apologize for not having detailed measurements or times to give you--you may have to experiment a bit.

Here are some videos as well...
Into the bowl of salty water:

Hope you all enjoy!!!!