Thursday, June 28, 2012

The ApParent Project Visit


Wisler rolling suitcase of boxes
My visit was amazed, spellbound and awestruck was I, that I hardly took any pictures. Never fear Tim and Cindy Irish were on the ball--so yes there are pictures--lots!
But let's go back to amazed, spellbound and awestruck for a minute. I was speechless--the lump in my throat, as I gazed upon the faces of the moms and dads working so hard for their families, threatened to spill out into tears of gratitude and humbleness at being allowed to play a small part in this amazing ministry. 

   My first visit to Haiti in June of 2010 changed my life forever. Of course the obvious catalyst for that change was meeting my then five year old son. While there, God peeled away layers of oblivion that had shrouded my heart and eyes and showed me true suffering and poverty (oh and don't forget the devestation of a major earthquake). I could not look upon such pain and not be changed forever. I close my eyes and see the houses piled like pancakes, the starving kids, the mud pies the tent cities. I see our world--here in the good ol' USA so differently. The excess and extravagance remind me constantly of my own desire for things and discontent with what I have-- that to a mom sitting outside her tin shack holding her starving baby -- would be a luxury. For months I prayed-

God show me how to help. I want to help. I want to encourage. Help me to understand. Help me not to be a cultural buffoon. Help me to help. Show me how to give a hand up with dignity and honor.

Beautiful artwork in the courtyard all made from "junk"
God answered that prayer. Through the course of events I came across the Apparent Project. I knew this was the answer. I knew this was how God wanted me to help. I contacted AP and recieved my first box of fundraising bracelets in early February. To say they sold like hotcakes would be an understatement. People were moved by the amazing stories--reading through and buying bracelets because of the stories--not because of the colors or bead work (although the bracelets are beautifully crafted). 

Take a close look and see what "trash" you can identify!
My second box arrived in mid- March and since then I have taken them on the road. I have given

about a half dozen presentations. I tell our adoption story and how we found AP, show pictures and sell bracelets. I love it. I love talking about Haiti. I love sharing how God has pulled us through our adoption ( two years and counting). I love talking about the spirit and beauty of the Haitian people. I love talking about AP and how mums and dads get to keep their kids--and feed them because of AP--and how AP re-purposes trash for such beauty. I love that each piece is uniquely made- an extension of the artist--each bead --tightly wound hope for their future and family.

Visiting AP has made me more passionate about advertising their products and selling bracelets for them and us (as most of you know the bracelet fundraiser is not only instrumental in supporting AP but has been helping us raise the last bit o'money for our adoption of Wisler, pronounced the French way Wislay). I have some plans up my sleeve but am not quite ready to reveal just yet...but stay tuned ...
In the meantime here's a tour of AP in pictures... 

                                                    Hard at Work....

Photo credit T&C Irish
Photo Credit T&C Irish

Photo Credit T&C Irish
Photo Credit T&C Irish


Loved these bracelets on the end of the table

This pile will last a please donate--especially if you can bring it down yourself!
Another note here I know a wonderful little girl  (my niece) who has started a FB page- Boxes for Bracelets--so if you are local and want to help out--check out her page on how to donate boxes and/or cash to mail the boxes!

the sewing room girls--these ladies were so sweet and had such beautiful smiles

Amazing new beads made from mud pie mud--instead of having to eat  the mud--they can make beads and eat nutritious food

Photo Credit T&C Irish


Photo Credit T&C Irish

 Photo Credit T&C Irish

And speaking of SHOPPING!
 for those of you who are interested I have exactly 38 bracelets left from my second box. If you would like to purchase some please let me know via email ( and we can meet up! Also visit the Apparent Project website for more shopping and ways to help. They also have a facebook page...ApParent Project.

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